Rental Policy

Thank you for your interest in renting from Gosnell Realtors Property Management.
The following should give you a general overview of the rental process

Should you have any questions, please contact our office
(805) 983-1582 or stop by 1253 W. Gonzales Rd. , Oxnard CA 93036

Rental Applications are submitted online under Apply for Rental.

Viewing a Unit

1) Vacant Unit: Please contact our office to make an appointment for someone to meet you at the property.

2) Occupied Unit: Occupied units require at least a 24 hours notice to the resident prior to the showing. Appointments must be made with someone from our office to view the unit. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for scheduling.

3) We do not process an application until the applicant has viewed the property.

Rental Procedure

1) Application: Each prospective adult, 18 years and older, must complete a rental application. Incomplete or inaccurate rental applications can delay or preclude the processing of the application.

2) Application Fees: After receiving your application, it will be reviewed before being sent to the Credit Bureau. You will be sent an email from Transunion Smartmove Credit Agency for the fee and approval to run credit and background check, you will pay them directly with a credit card, which includes credit, criminal and eviction check. A processing fee of $30.00 for the first applicant and $30.00 for each additional applicant over the age of 18 must be paid. If applying with other Applicants, each Applicant must have their own separate email address. These application fees are non-refundable.

3) Application Process: It will take approximately three to five working days to process an application. This time may be longer if the application is incomplete or references are difficult to contact. The time could be longer if we have an abundance of applications. The most qualified applicant will be selected for approval, and not necessarily the order we received the application. Qualifications are listed below. If the first choice unit is not available, the applicant will be considered for other units at no additional charge for up to sixty days from the date the application was originally submitted.
We do not guarantee any unit you have seen to still be available by the time your application is processed.

Rental Qualifications

1) Amount of income: Total verifiable gross monthly income of all adult occupants must be at least three times the monthly rental rate. If income is less, the applicant may still be considered if it can be demonstrated that the applicant will be able to meet the rental obligations.

2) Employment: The length of time at a job, and/or the stability of other sources of income will be considered.

3) References: We reserve the right to check previous rental references. If we receive poor references we may deny the application or require a higher security deposit.

4) Credit: We reserve the right to obtain credit information on any applicant. Credit checks may include submission to credit rating services such as TRW, Equifax and Trans Union as well as research of any unlawful detainer action against the applicant. If we receive a poor report we may deny the application or require a higher security deposit. If the applicant has ever been evicted or sued for any lease violation, the application will be rejected.

5) Background Check: We reserve the right to obtain any kind of criminal record or conviction.


1) Notification: Applicants will be notified by phone as soon as the application has been reviewed. If the application has been approved, applicants will be required to bring in a $400 holding deposit within 48 hours, which must be paid with a cashier's check or money order.
2) Move-In: In order to move in, the applicant will be required to meet the following criteria:
a) The rental agreement must be signed by all applicants.
b) Copy of identification (valid Driver license is preferred
c) Security Deposit must be paid in full in the form of a cashiers check or money order. NO personal
checks will be accepted. The first month's rent must be paid in full in the form of a cashier's check or money order.
The second month will be prorated as noted below, if applicable.

3) Responsibility: All residents are responsible for all charges incurred under the terms of the lease.

4) Rent: Once an application is approved and the $400 deposit received, we will hold a unit up to seven (7) days after the previous tenant vacates the property. Rent begins on the date entered on the lease.
Rent is due on the first of the month and is late after the fifth day of the month. We do issue a billing statement for monthly rent if you have an email address. We will accept multiple checks, cashiers checks or money orders as payment. NO CASH WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR RENTAL PAYMENTS. A Three-Day Notice is sent to units with outstanding balances. A $25.00 Three-Day Notice Fee will apply when notice is served.

5) Pro-Rate: Regardless of the number of days during the month, pro-rated rent is calculated by dividing monthly rent by thirty (30). The resulting number (the daily rate) is then multiplied by the number of days the unit will be occupied in the pro-rated month.

6) Pets: All pets must be approved in writing in advance with an addendum to the lease. If a pet is approved, there may be an additional security deposit. All pet rules will be strictly enforced.

7) We require Renters Insurance.

Gosnell Realtors Property Management policy, no smoking inside of our rentals.

Gosnell Realtors Property Management does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, national origin, marital status, age sex, source of income, sexual orientation or any other form of discrimination prohibited by law.


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